Sportive Season 2007

roubaix velodromeAfter the 2006 season of monuments, 2007 sees a return to the big mountains and the Pyrenees in particular.  Our biggest season so far sees 13 events and surprisingly, all in France.

April see the warm-up events with three races in three successive weeks.  The La77 is the first up because it's close (Paris) and flat-ish. 

The  Ronde Sable (Le Mans) and the Bernard Borreau form the first two rounds of the Trophy L'Ouest, which I might do next year so are worth an early look to stretch the legs.

A three week hiatus follows then we have a trip to the seaside and the 155k, Jacques Bossis, which has 1400 metres of climbing and will serve as a form tester for the next two events. 

A fortnight after the Bossis, in May, we have a massive double header, hopefully alongside Pascal of Sportives France and our very own Iron Man, Richard Davy.  Saturday sees the 175k, 1800 metre climbing Pierre Jodet.  While Sunday sees the shorter 160k Raymond Poulidor, but with 2350 metres of climbing!

The Mont Saint Michel, on the first Saturday in June, should see us exploring the French countryside with Mr and Mrs Dave Whitt. 

We now have a slight change of plan in June and July.  After a re-jigging of the French sportive calendar the L'Ours, and the Defi-Pyreneen have been amalgamated to form La Pyreneen   Not sure how this affects the 4 Aces Championship, I might have to review my options. 

However, the Hubert Arbes and the Lapebie, which formed the championship which was my main objective for the year, could still be on the cards.  My other objective is to hit 100 kph on a descent.  I hit 59 mph descending the Ventoux and missed my chance, this year I've switched from mph to kph just to make sure.  How sad is that?

In August, to keep the legs supple, we're looking at two events, the Courir pour le Paix, the Ride for Peace, which is run at the same weekend of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima.  It's not a political statement it just seems a good ride to do.  We also take another round of the Trophy L'Ouest, the Saumuroise.  Not overly difficult just a ride to be enjoyed before the grande finale.

The Lapebie, in the first week of September, is a five col killer with the Col Mente opening and the Col du Portillion finishing.  In between those two monsters are numerous undulating adventures and a brief excursion in to Spain.  What a perfect way to end the season.

This year I'm finishing my season in September rather than October.  Unless something takes my fancy in the meantime.

Why not pick a cyclo to compete in from the 38 in the list on the left, or find one of your own choosing and take a chance.  You might find the experience better than hanging on in your local races and you might even begin to enjoy your cycling again.  But be careful, they're addictive.

Happy and safe riding in 2007.