Sportive Season 2012

As we sail past our 80th Sportive in nine years, we've decided for this year, we're going to slow down a tad!  We've driven over 80,000 miles in the last nine seasons so this year are staying a little closer to home.

In the left panel you can see the years and the races in which we've taken part displayed in chronological order.  On the right the events are broken down by category with my beloved classics at the head of the list closely followed by the UCI Golden Bike Series.

Season 2011
After taking the leaders jersey in the 2011 Trophee Passion Championship, we're going to spend a little more time doing the odd-jobs that need doing around the home and chasing some Strava Challenges around the island!

However, we still have some events to tackle.

First off is the introduction of some new members to La Coulianiase.  A quick trip close to home, just down the road at Le Mans.

That's quickly followed by the Tro Bro Leon.  I've tried it twice already and have yet to finish!  Third time lucky, hopefully...

Straight after that it's a trip to the UK and my first ever sportive over there, the Gran Fondo Mario Cipollini.  Cheddar Gorge and all that.

IN June, it'll be another trip to the Bernard Hinault, again, it's less than an hour away and always a good event.  It's 1300 metres of climbing, yet lacks a significant hill.  There's just no flat bits!

THe middle part of the year's undecided, but we will probably finish off with the usual season ender, the Jean-Cyril Robin.

Whatever you choose to do, or wherever you choose to do it, (try something different this year) have a happy, safe and above all an enjoyable 2011 season.  See you on the road somewhere...